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Smart Climate Solutions

For forest-based carbon credit issuance that’s accurate and scalable, powered by satellite data, AI and blockchain.

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in partnership with

Forest-based Voluntary Carbon Market Registry 2.0

Our mission is to enable an inclusive voluntary carbon market

  • Our process cycle is shorter
  • Our costs are lower
  • Credits can be brought by individuals and companies.

Are you a Land Steward? Contact Us to see if Veriforest can help you.

we observe

Satellite-based remote sensing
Government / 3rd party data
Data Modelling & AI

we measure

Above ground biomass quantified
CO2 sequestered (CO2e)
Carbon credits earned
Climate benefits SGDs /CCBs

we verify

Veriforest Registry
Committed to SDGs
Carbon Credit Issuance

Veriforest offers shorter process cycles, lower costs

A transparent and reliable service for the registration of GHG projects

Precise data for more meaningful climate action

We combine several sciences to get to the ground truth
Scan project area with satellite imagery.
Apply deep learning algorithms
Assess carbon productivity

  • CO2 monitoring accurate over large areas
  • Periodic data capture for any plot on earth
  • Granular readouts down to 10 x 10m

Veriforest carbon credits are issued on the blockchain for full transparency and traceability.

Purchase with confidence to Hold, Trade or Offset carbon

Tokenized carbon credits:

  • Fast issuance
  • Easy offsetting
  • Better trading
  • Lower cost

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